The Philosophy of the Yatsusankan Hotel

Yatsusankan Hotel is located in the heart of Hida Furukawa.

Enjoy the rural area with an emphasis on learning from the past where the Hida people live and work.

At Yatsusankan, we want to provide our guests with opportunities to reflect on themselves and enrich their minds while experiencing the “nature of Hida” and the “life of the Hida people”.

We believe that every guest has a connection to Hida Furukawa.
We want you to experience various things here and feel happy.
You can actually walk the streets and get to know the Hida people.
We also invite those who do not go out for a walk to spend time in the rooms of the hotel to experience the atmosphere of Hida and the seasons.

The hotel’s interior is like a maze with the Shougetsu, Kangetsu and Kougetsu towers.
There is also an open-air bath and a library and go to the Shougetsu- tower which was built more than 100 years ago. You can feel the atmosphere of the Meiji era.

Enjoy your meal in a private dining room comfortably.
The “Hida Supper” is prepared with ingredients harvested by Hida farmers and from our farm.
Experience the simple kindness and various emotions from Hida people.
Please feel the life of Hida at Yatsusankan leaving with compassionate feelings.

Rooms strongly reflect each era.

The hotel itself is a traditional skill that the Hida people have cherished.

The Yatsusankan is characterized by the choice of rooms in three different buildings.

All building materials are luxurious.
The Shōgetsu-tower was built by palace carpenters and is a registered national tangible cultural property.

There are five rooms in the Shougetsu-tower.
All rooms have different layouts so please ask for the room of your choice.
In winter, a heated table with a blanket is very popular.

The Kangetsu-tower comprises six rooms on the second floor with a Japanese color theme and three rooms on the third floor with a large bath with a view.
It is the closest to the dining area and the public baths, so guests can go conveniently.

The Kougetsu-tower is the most luxurious sukiya-style building in the hotel consisting of three rooms with a half-open air bath and one special room.
All rooms have different interiors and layouts, so please feel free to inquire with us when making a reservation.
You can enjoy your morning coffee while listening to the chirping birds and refreshing air from the mountains.
You can choose the most comfortable and suitable room for you.

Our hot springs transported from Nagareha Hot Springs.

Unfortunately, Hida Furukawa does not have a history with a hot spring resort.
The hot water at Yatsusankan is brought from Nagareha Onsen, which is a 20-minute drive away.
The alkaline simple spring water has an exfoliating effect and making your skin more beautiful.
As it does not contain any harsh chemicals, it is gentle on the body and can be safely used even by the elderly.
In the large Seseragi no Yu bath, you can enjoy the four seasons of Hida and the handmade garden. We also offer a variety of baths, such as the event baths with various seasonal items floating on the water, a rose bath exclusively for women, and a doburoku bath with sake lees dissolved in the water.

Enjoy the seasons with a variety of dishes prepared by the hotel's chefs.

Beautiful creations by five artisans.

Led by Executive Chef Akita, who reviews Hida’s ingredients on a daily basis and takes on the challenge of creating something new, we also have chefs who specialize in fast handwork and delicate flavors. Finally, chefs who are enthusiastic about dealing with delicious dishes.

Our ingredients include vegetables from Hida farmers and from our Yatsusan Farm which is managed by our staff.

We and all our staff carefully plan the details of the dishes, the choice of utensils and the way the dishes are served.

Hida beef comes from Hurusato butcher shop in block form and each part is well-cleaned, cooked, and served.
The sweetness and tenderness of the beef are impressive.

Relaxations are carefully selected by the manager.

Moments of relaxation. Please spend your relaxing time stress-free condition. Aroma oil aesthetics include slimming and reflexology.

Herb ball aesthetics, in which 13 types of medicinal herbs are wrapped in cloth and steamed (yakudama), are applied to the whole body, while relaxing and slimming, facial and foot massages are offered.
There are also regular shiatsu massages and foot pressure massages that men can also experience.

The history of Yatsusankan through the five senses

The Yatsusankan has been in existence for eight generations.

At the end of the Edo period, Sangoro from Ecchu Yatsuo, came to this area and started an inn here.

Our inn was founded under the name Yatsusan taking the ‘eight’ from Yatsuo, the birthplace of the first generation and the ‘three’ of his name.

The fourth-generation owners were ahead of their time and were among the first people to use the telephone which first appeared in Tokyo at that time and was introduced earlier than the town hall.
Even today, the sign “Telephone No. 1” can still be seen.

In the fifth generation, the silk industry was flourishing and many girls came for work from Hida to Shinshu walking through Nomugi mountain pass as it is known from the novel ‘Ah Nomugi Touge’.
The inn was the northernmost recruiting centre for working girls in Hida and was a busy inspection centre. It is a place to assemble and disperse them.
The two-story wooden building of the Yatsusankan, a registered tangible cultural property, where the footsteps of many people can be heard.

The rooms of the hotel are redecorated monthly with historical antiques and chest drawers.
More than 400 dolls, including small ones, are on display starting in mid-February to enjoy the various periods and histories.

Enjoy the delicious food in our private Japanese-style restaurant.

You will be guided by the Hida Furukawa staff with candles.

The private dining room “Kangetsu” was built in 1984.
The dining rooms accompanying the Shougetsuro are private rooms that were reconstructed in 2001.
Guests can enjoy their meals in 18 rooms of various sizes including the tea rooms.

The restaurant is mainly used for chair and table seating as requested by many guests, but if you wish, we can also provide you with a tatami room for your preference.

Although it is a private room, it has partitioned from the room next door by a sliding door.
We will do our best to make the room assignment as accommodating as possible so that you can enjoy your meal comfortably.