Personal experience

Making miso with magnolia leaves

Hoba miso is a local dish from the Hida region.
It is a local dish where each family has its own unique seasoning.
You will make your own Hoba Miso by combining 10 different seasonings and other ingredients.
This is an experience you can take home with you.

Cost for 1 set: 1,200 yen

Contents for1 set: 150 g (about 1-2 persons) miso
Jars to take home
leaves of rustic leaves

Experience time : during breakfast

Application deadline / 22:00 the day before breakfast


Draw your favorite picture on a “mokurin” to make an original keychane.

Cost: 2,500 yen per item

Experience time/20:00-22:00 on the day and 8:30-11:30 the next day

Application deadline : Same-day reservation is possible

Sake Tasting Experience

①Hida Furukawa’s famous sake selection

Enjoy a comparison of five different types of sake carefully selected by the hotel from both Hida Furukawa sake breweries.

Cost: 1,680 yen

②Premium Sake selection

Enjoy three types of premium Sake that cannot be tasted even at the brewery.

Cost: 1,680 yen

Hida city’s activitys

Rail mountain bike “Gattango”

Hida Kamioka can be viewed from the railway line.

Starting price: ¥3,200 for two persons

Dragonfly bead-making experience  Dragonfly beads “Kazari”

You can create your own type.

Starting price: ¥1,320

Medicinal Herb Experience “Hida Morinomori no Megumi”

Experience the medicinal herb culture that has taken root in Hida.

Starting price: 3,500 yen

Kumihimo experience & Kimono rental

A time to blend in with the elegant townscape.

Braided cord experience : 1,800 yen

Taiyaki/monaka/gohei-mochi making experience “Takibiya”

Make and eat Hida’s local cuisine

Cost : 1,500 yen

Kamioka Town Walking Guide

Walk the deep town with a tour guide.

Starting price: 3,200 yen for two people

Natural dyeing / weaving experience 

Teori Yui Workshop
Learn about the wisdom of our ancestors and work with your hands

Starting price: 3,200 yen for two people

Hida Furukawa Rickshaw Yui

Enjoy the city of Hida from the perspective of a rickshaw.

Starting price: 3,000 yen for 2 persons

Yamanaka washi papermaking experience “Inaka Craft Centre”

Enjoy a technique that has lasted for around 800 years in a village where the weather is fiercely cold.

Starting price: 500 yen per person