Kangetsu Tower  General Rooms

Kyoma 10-mat room with a sunken hearth in the front room.

Neat Japanese-style room overlooking the clear Araki River.
The front room is furnished with a sunken hearth, an atmosphere unique to the innermost part of the Hida Takayama region.

The rooms are decorated with seasonal themes, and all the fittings and accessories are original.
Enjoy a relaxing stay at the Hida Inn where you can pass the time slowly.

Number of guest rooms: 4 rooms

non-smoking room

Free Wi-Fi

Please note that children under 6 years of age are not allowed to stay at the hotel.

Number of guest rooms4 rooms
Room layout10 tatami mats + front room 4.5 mats
FeaturesNeat Japanese-style room with a front room.